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Walnut Fiddle

Mr. Brower's walnut tree was cut down circa 1968. I was 11 years old at the time and lived around the corner from where it stood. I remember the tree and how my father took the logs on his boat trailer to the sawmill. They were cut into usable lumber for his projects. 

I recently came across a few remaining planks while digging around in the family wood stash, and decided to make a violin, or "fiddle," from this very beautiful old wood. I also had some lovely old  Port Orford cedar that came from Bruce Harvie years ago (Orcas Island tone wood).

These two woods together give the Walnut Fiddle its sweet, warm, and pure fiddling tone. All proportions and measurements are of classical violin making design; its the spirit in which the violin was made that places it as a "Fiddle." 

Set up with Perfection Planetary Pegs, finest cut french bridge, and Helicore strings. 

Length of back = 35.7 cm
Upper bouts = 16.9 cm
Center bouts = 11.4 cm
Low bouts = 21.0 cm
Rib heights = 3.1-3.2 cm

Catalog #417

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