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Viola, 17 inch

A personal model, large design Viola, lightly built in classic Cremonese style, very strong voicing, colorful rich tone, optimum set up for easy playability.  The two piece 1/4 cut top is from exquisite spruce tonewood I acquired in 1986 from the Tepper Family, of the Pacific Northwest, hand split from the log, perfectly even vertical grain, zero twist or run out.  The one piece Bosnian Maple back is 1/4 cut, with a beautiful and delicate figuring, finest tone wood acquired circa 2004.  Ribs and scroll of matching wood.  Deep red brown varnish, slightly shaded in an antique style, warm and transparent.
Length of Back = 43.4 cm
Upper Bouts = 19.9 cm
Center Bouts = 13.0 cm
Lower Bouts = 26.0 cm
Rib Heights = 4.1 cm to 37.5 cm
String Length = 38.6 cm
Catalog # 375

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