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Treble Viol

Sold.  Please inquire for next available.

A personal model treble viol, made from a tree that grew in my childhood playground in Woodmere, NY.  I have made many instruments from this very special wood over the years, always being quite pleased with the resonant, sweet, clear, and colorful tone it projects.  The two-piece flat back and matching sides are from slab cut catalpa wood, with beautiful, remarkable graining.  The two-piece top is carved from exceptionally even grained mountain spruce, well quartered and bookmatched, with delicately cut sound holes in a flaming style.  Neck and scroll are from old European maple.  Fingerboard and tailpiece are carved from deeply figured birds eye maple.  The varnish is a deep, rich, red-brown color, warm and glowing from a yellow ground.  Lightly shaded to enhance the beautiful wood grain and figure. 
Length of top = 39.3 cm
Upper Bouts = 18.8 cm
Center Bouts = 13.5 cm
Lower Bouts = 24.7 cm
Rib Heights = 6.6 cm
String Length = 37.9 cm

Catalog  #400

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