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Octave Mandolin

An Hierloom Artist Class Octave Mandolin, in the style of the old 1920 Gibson "Alrite" design. Beautiful, open tone; rich and resonant. Made from beautifully figured Catalpa and finest European Spruce, tuned an octave lower than a standard mandolin, with a larger body and increased string length. The Sipo Mahagony neck has a two-way truss rod, a 12 inch radius Laurelwood fingerboard, Abalone fret/neck position markers, gold fret wire, and Golden Age tuners. Featuring a cast tailpiece, Rosewood body binding, head plate of walnut with inlaid shell Wildwood Flower. Antique style, warm shading, and oil varnish. A decorative case made special for this Octave Mandolin is included.

Body Length = 371 mm or 14 & 5/8"
Body Width = 319 mm or 12 & 9/16"
Side Hieghts = 72mm to 62mm or 2 & 13/16" to 2 & 7/16"
String Length = 512 mm or 20 & 1/8"
Nut Width = 35mm or 1 & 3/8"
String Space at Nut = 28mm or 1 & 3/32"
String Space at Bridge = 42mm or 1 & 21/32"

Catalog #409

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