Viola, 16 & 5/8 inch

This viola is Brescian in nature, having a full, robust, earthy tone, and model design comparable to that of a Maggini or Gasparo da Salo.  The striking two-piece quarter cut top is of magnificently wide grained old mountain spruce; wood I acquired circa 1990.  The one piece Bosnian maple back is quarter cut, with a lovely medium curl.  The ribs and scroll are of the same.  Transparent, light gold-brown varnish, slightly shaded to pronounce grain and figure.  

Length of Back = 42.2 cm

Upper Bouts = 19.4 cm

Center Bouts = 13.0 cm

Lower Bouts = 24.7 cm

String Length = 37.8 cm

Catalog  #372