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Concert Violin

A Concert Violin, made from finest old European Tonewoods, carefully chosen from my lifetime wood collection.  The two piece top is of perfectly quartered, split billet Italian mountain Spruce.  The grain is medium wide, very evenly spaced, and shows hints of “bear claw”.  The beautifully figured one piece back is of exceptional Bosnian Maple, with deep, small curl flame, and lovely even winter grain.  The ribs are of similar wood, the neck and scroll from gently figured and resonant 1/4 cut maple.  Fine rosewood fittings, Planetary tuning pegs, finest ebony fingerboard.  The varnish is transparent, golden amber, with warm nut brown highlights.  Smooth, focused, colorful tone, with wonderful projection and bow response.
Length of back = 35.7 cm
Upper Bout = 16.7 cm, Center Bout = 11.2 cm, Lower Bout = 20.8 cm
String Length = 32.8 cm
Catalog #401

Please inquire for price and availability. 

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