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Catalpa Fiddle

A personal model, freely based on the later works of Guarneri del Gesu, and varnished in a sunburst style, reminiscent of circa 1925 Gibson Archtop Guitars and Mandolins; this violin was made with the fiddler in mind, and the fiddler at heart.  The back and sides are from a very special Catalpa tree that grew here in Woodmere, in my elementary school playground.  It was well known by generations of local residents.  When cut down for development in the 1990's, my family and I took the logs for milling into instrument making wood.  This violin has a sweet resonant tone, with lightning fast bow response. The planetary design tuning pegs make it a fiddler's dream for doing cross tunings.  The perfectly grained spruce top and flamed maple neck are select old tonewoods from my life long collection.  With fine ebony fittings and fingerboard.
Length of Back = 357 mm
Upper Bout Width = 168 mm
Lower Bout Width = 209 mm
String Length = 329 mm

Catalog  #396

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