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Artist Violin

A personal design made from my finest tone woods.  Carefully selected from my lifetime wood collection. The two piece bookmatched top of split wedge, 1/4 cut Italian Spruce has a beautifully pronounced, even, medium width grain. The two piece back, with matching side wood, is from well flamed 1/4 cut Red Maple.  A special set of wood from the Green Mountains of Vermont, in my wood collection over 20 years, neck and scroll carved from the same. Finest ebony fittings, rich red amber, brown varnish, evenly applied over a golden yellow ground. Exceptional tone, fully warm, complex. 

Length of back = 35.6 cm

Upper bout = 16.5 cm

Center bout = 11.3 cm

Lower bout = 20.7 cm

Rib heights = 3.0-3.2 cm

String length = 32.7 cm

Catalog #414

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